Philosophy in Employing Person

Dymatic Inc. adheresto the philosophy in employing person as “for a person virtue is thefundamental thing, for talents wisdom is paramount”, attaches importance to thepotentials and qualities of the employees, and the team work and development.Our employees shall meet the following requirements: excellent character, truthfulin speech, decent behaviour; good interpersonal communication ability; teamspirit; first-class professional level; good service consciousness.

In employing person, we first stress on harmony, “gentlemen get alongwith each other harmoniously and show difference to others” this reflects ourphilosophy in employing person all the time. Only by cherishing the same idealsand following the same path can harmony be maintained, harmony and unificationshall be maintained between colleagues, between the colleague and the companyand then the strong cohesiveness can be created; secondly, we still stress on“harmony and difference” for the purpose of striving to be harmonious but not stereotyped,differ from each other but not to conflict with each other, making theemployees retain unrestricted individualities and sufficient creativities andingenuities. 

In Dymatic, the employees come from all over the country, with prominentimmigrant cultural characteristic known as mutual tolerance and harmoniouscoexistence, the corporate culture of Dymatic has intrinsic breadth. Dymaticvalues talents and takes them as the root to sustain the development of the corporation,always, it provides vast blue sky for them to soar, and the gate of Dymatic isopen to all the talents. Under the flag of a common values and an objective forthe corporation to strive for, all the more Dymatic attaches importance to theindividuality development of every member and grants sufficient space for freeexpression and development. “Being down-to-earth, concentrating on doing wellevery thing” serves as our faith and basic requirement for the employees andevery talent willing to join Dymatic as well.

The company’s philosophy in human resources: talents sustain thesurvival of a corporation, a corporation is a vessel carrying the talents toset sail, only when we are in the same boat can we reach the other shore; retainthe talents with remuneration, career, love and atmosphere; value the role ofthe employees, show respect to talent value; provide platforms for the talentsto give free play to their advantages; value both virtue and ability and fosterour own talents; make contribution to the society, fulfil self-value.