Company Profile

DYMATIC Chemicals,Inc. is a leading company dedicated to producing textile auxiliaries and otherfine chemicals in China.Founded in 1989, the company operates more than 10 locations across China. Thecompany has full capacities of product development, manufacturing, marketing,sales and technical support. The company was certified as “National Enterprise Technology Center”by the government and acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications through theBritish Standards Institution(BSI). The company established an industrialpostdoctoral workstation to enhance fundamental research in textile chemicals. Thestock of “DYMATIC Chemicals”(002054) initial public offered in July 2006.

 Because of itsfriendly corporate culture and unique business process, DYMATIC operatesthrough a cooperative platform with tis customers, employees, suppliers andrelated corporations. The company always sustains its core competence of “theintegration of market pull and technical push”. Innovation is DYMATIC’s foundation,Customization is DYMATIC’s focus, Service is DYMATIC’s ladder. Combined withsales force and technical support team, the company has built a legacy ofcustomer service. The company’s vision is to create excellence in company,employees, products and efficiency. Aiming to the China’s local market as well asglobal market, DYMATIC develops products tailored individually to the specificneeds of its customers. The company has established the leadership in textilechemicals and expanded to leather chemicals, polyurethane chemicals, foamingagents and stabilizers. The company has received numerous awards from state andlocal government as well as technical communities.

 Innovation hasbeen the source of DYMATIC’s continuous renewal and its ability to become asuccessful company. With powerful research capability and unique managementstyle, DYMATIC became the fastest growing company in textile chemical industryin China.DYMATIC’s corporate spirit is to work of improving the industry and society.DYMATIC values mutual success through cooperation. The company has a strongsense of social responsibility.


DYMATIC iscommitted to expend and improve technical innovative capability, and efficientbusiness process. The company drives for an open and global enterprise throughcontinuing development. DYMATIC are passionate about contributing to thesuccess of its customers. DYMATIC builds mutual success through partnership.